Worst Valve Ever.

I run into the Hydro Moris valve every now and then when I do inspections. The big red block mounted on the perforated metal shelf (which actually saved my pen from going into the drink one time), the massive yellow instructional sticker underneath the tank lid, and the obnoxiously large manual lowering plunger are bright beacons that bring about a sense of… unhappiness to me.

Hydro Moris Valve

herp derp, I'm an ugly valve

And I really don’t know why. Maybe it’s the fact that one day four seasoned mechanics gathered around a Hydro Moris valve to correct a defunct deceleration curve and ended up replacing the valve because they just couldn’t figure out how to adjust it. Maybe it’s the fact that those mechanics couldn’t get manufacturer instruction because US application support was discontinued in 2004. Maybe it’s my love of everything Maxton and general distrust of the KONE Houston office. Maybe it’s the ugliness. Who knows?

If, however, you are in the unfortunate place of having one of these valves on your elevator, KONE has released a product bulletin on how to replace a Hydro Moris valve with a Maxton valve (via a kit from KONE Spares, of course).

Closing unrelated note: Me and 11ty thousand people saw Phish at Austin City Limits last night. It was a great show, my first Phish!

Phish at Austin City Limits

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