World Trade Center 1 Escalator Being Hoisted to 101st Floor

Freedom Tower Escalator

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Just a neat pic taked from One World Trade Center of an escalator being hoisted up for installation on the 101st floor. WTC 4 is seen in the background.


  1. Jane Scott says:

    More photos of ThyssenKrupp Elevator mechanics pulling the escalator in the building: http://i.imgur.com/vovc6.jpg

    1. daniel says:

      Thanks Jane! Great pics!

  2. Lachlan Faulkner says:

    Hi Daniel, I work for Stiltz Lifts in the UK and I’ve been reading with interest your blog posts about lifts and elevators.

    I wondered if you would be interested in posting an article about our new ‘polycarbonate’ lift (BELOW) that we recently launched at the Ideal Home Show in Earl’s Court, London.

    Hope it is of interest!
    Thanks Lachie

    Domestic lifts specialist http://www.stiltz.co.uk made a last-minute entry into the Ideal Home Show at Christmas recently.

    The Berkshire-based home lifts company decided to exhibit their exciting new polycarbonate lift at the annual shopping event at London’s Earls Court.

    Stiltz Lifts recently completed the first installation of the lift at a domestic property in France.

    Made of polycarbonate, the ‘crystal clear’ lift has been designed to look as neutral and as aesthetically pleasing as possible and takes up little space compared to a more conventional lift.

    A unique feature of the lift is that it includes a free standing rail structure so it can be situated in any stairwell void. It is also a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to a stairlift for the elderly and people with physical disabilities.


  3. Escalator says:

    its just amazing to see the escalator is going to installed at 101st floor by air transport its really looks nice to see

  4. MP says:

    Great shot of WTC 4 – I live in the (12 story 1895) building pictured just south, and partially obscured by it.

  5. escalator service says:

    What a picture!
    i work on escalators on a daily bases here in south africa but its tiny
    compare to the mother!

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