Rocking the Boat

So it’s been a while. No, not since I posted – this is a casual blog guys. It’s been a while since I’ve come across an honest person in this industry. Money isn’t everything, it’s just most everything and the sole focus of profit is evident everywhere in vertical transportation world. From overworked mechanics to dizzying union demands, the corners are cut and people and companies are squeezed. Mechanics have a toolbox of bandaids and instead of maintaining equipment, they wait until it fails – sometimes at the cost of injury to riders – to fix it. Inspectors keep customers on an almost written contractual clause that not one violation will ever grace the inspection report.

the middle finger

When I ask a mechanic to run a car down from an upper floor with 125% capacity to test the brake, I am suddenly in a reasoning fight with a 3-year-old. My favorite line is “Look, I’ve been doing this for a long time, this is just how it’s done.” As if that somehow justifies the years of bad practice and, further, dictates the continuation of such.

On top of it all, this attitude is accepted industry-wide. Even some of the AHJs are on the good ole boys network. Would you think it odd to have the representative of a governing authority call you drunk at midnight telling you that he is going to pull your license because you reported a life-threatening violation that hasn’t been reported by other inspectors for years? Could I really make that up? It makes me want to go live on an island.

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