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projectQEI is an iPad app for elevator inspectors that practically eliminates paper usage. It collects data and signatures (signed on the screen with a finger), generates and distributes reports via email, and electronically submits the inspection to the Authority Having Jurisdiction – all before the inspector leaves the site. This alerts maintenance companies of deficiencies on their units immediately after they are found while allowing small business owners (inspectors) to focus on inspecting instead of paperwork. The data/reports are stored real-time on the cloud and can be accessed via a mobile device or a website using a computer. The app also has extra features including built-in code references/calculations and charting to represent data.

projectQEI Charting

One of the charts automatically generated by projectQEI (don't worry, this chart represents multiple inspectors)

This app has consumed me for the last 7 months (see social life, eating habits). It started as a self-study course project in Database Design during my senior year of college. It was then that the database structure was created. The program was meant to be a web app that simply collected and stored data. At the time, the tablets on the market were not “ready” for the public. There were a few transformer-style laptops, but they proved to be much too heavy, expensive, bulky, developer unfriendly, and/or WAN-lackluster to be used as a true mobile tablet. It was only when the first generation iPad was introduced did it snap – I could actually use what I learned in school for my job. I dusted off my old SQL statements and began the process that resulted in the app you see today. I was lucky in that my mom owned an inspection company and I could use the app on her inspectors to field test it. I also inspected with it and became the most critical of it’s beta users. The other inspectors were very… opinionated as well. That’s a good thing, though, as it resulted in a fine tune that only an inspector’s input could offer. projectQEI truly is an app made for elevator inspectors, by elevator inspectors.

To check out a demo vid, visit www.projectqei.com

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  1. shaunkwong says:

    This application is a good thing for lift owners who appreciates efficiency and quality inspection. The safety of elevator is on the onus of parties who eat, breath, sleep, and work in the elevator business. [ and anyone who is consumed in this field]. I am a lift engineer by training. Thanks for posting. Shaun Kwong, Malaysia Home Elevator.

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