That Pole Came Out of Nowhere!

Our mechanic (420) has a white 2010 company Toyota Yaris hatchback that he drives from home to work. When we go out as a mechanic/inspector team, he drives and I ride.

It’s morning and we are at our first┬ájob-site┬ádriving around trying to find access to some elevator. It’s in some kind of outside building surrounded by chain link fencing and 420 is having trouble finding a gate for the little Yaris to get through. He goes through a passage and yells with frustration, “This won’t work!” I continue checking emails/facebook/twitter/etc on my phone while he throws it in reverse and, with more gusto than usually, flies backwards until CRUNCH. My head slams against the headrest. The windshield wipers come on for one wipe. 420 has hit a pole.

Pole - 1 // Yaris - 0

Repairs to the pole: Nary a scratch – $0
Repairs to the Yaris: ~$500.
Pole jokes for the rest of the week: priceless.

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