Missouri: Land of 2-stop DMCs

I’m in Southeast Missouri this week working in a few small towns. One of the reasons I like the MO inspection trips is because of the two book-end weekends surrounding the week. It’s then that I get to drive down and see my family and friends in Memphis.

Also, driving through the middle of nowhere searching for that lone courthouse in a town with the population rivaling only the Duggar family is… peaceful. I have inspected this equipment consecutively for years and I am surprisingly familiar with these small towns. The people that work here (and will probably work here until the day they die) actually recognize me. Don’t get me wrong- I would never want to live here AND I need a whole 3 months of recovery before I’m ready to go it again, but it’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Main difference in Missouri elevator inspections: Car platform guards (toe guards) and door restrictors. This state gave the finger to ASME A17.3 and wrote their own minimum standards. Everything else in the MO state minimum is quite similar to A17.3. Apparently the idea of lengthening toe guards and adding door restrictors angered the natives.

Found this little guy in the basement of one of the units we inspected today. Verne?

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