This is a blog about my life and vertical transportation.

Passengers (as we like to call you non elevator people) can peer into the inner workings of an industry that allows cities like New York to exist. If you’re an eleveteran, you can share your crusty experiences in the comments section below for all to ignore.

I know I don’t have the 129+ years of exposure some of you more seasoned inspectors, mechanics, and consultants posses. I also don’t have multiple generations of ancestors that worked in this industry – my mom and stepdad being my only link to the trade. But I’m also not on the verge of dementia and I can use a camera-phone, so maybe it will plane out.

Within these pages you will find the opinions, ramblings, rants, joyful shouts of an 25 year-old elevator inspector. Buckle up.


  1. Thomas says:

    The first post and you’ve already managed to insult everyone else in the industry. A promising start for a blog, I suppose.

    1. daniel says:

      *daniel likes this*

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