EcoMods, Consultants, Cash-sinos

Last weekend I got back from an escalator seminar in Vegas. Whenever I say I just got back from an elevator seminar, conference, or get-together, my non-elevator amigos laugh. I guess people think this industry just happens, or maybe they think we are lifeless engineers who crave isolation and nights lit by the glow of a drafting program on dual widescreen HD monitors (mmmmmm).

McCarren Airport EcoMod

Angry-looking consultants gathered around an EcoMod at McCarren Airport

Anyway, KONE held a seminar on the EcoMod – their escalator modernization product. I get to go to these things because my mom is invited and she mentions there is another consultant who’d like to go – bam, I’m in. She uses the term “consultant” rather loosely. Honestly, I like going to these product seminars. From the cliche (but real) reasons of learning about more products in my industry to the mini-vacation after the seminar – they’re all around great. I like the concept of the EcoMod product because it leaves most of the structure around the escalator intact. That, and once KONE surveys the job and quotes a price, they don’t increase that price – even if there are unforeseen truss repairs/replacements during the installation. I like hearing testimonials from real customers about the EcoMod installation as well. There was a lady from Boston who owned a high-end underground parking garage (I know, right?) She said the Boston KONE team met every one of her silly demands. She even asked them to put crown molding on the plywood barriers. Amazing. Maybe the Boston KONE team could come down to Houston to teach our local KONEans how to run a decent office… but that’s another post.

Strip view from the suite

I always love going to Vegas. KONE put us up in Mandalay Bay and, in standard fashion, me and my mom arrived midnight… a day late. This didn’t turn out to be too bad – we got upgraded to the Vista suites. She was on floor 32 and I was on 33. Awesome. 5 separate rooms/areas, personal steam room, tvs in the mirrors, multiple bathrooms, 180 degree floor-to-ceiling windows with an amazing view of the strip and a wireless LCD screen that controlled the drapes, lights, and 65″ plasma tvs. I woke up at 5:30 AM, ordered the Mandalay Bay Benedict a la room service and ate at my massive dining room table overlooking a strip sunrise. Beautiful. After the seminar, we spend the next couple of days and nights hanging out by the pool with Michelle, a new awesome consultant friend, and donating at the Caribbean stud poker table. Thank you KONE – I think the EcoMod is the best escalator mod solution out there!

Closing note: I started my Control Systems class September 27, but I haven’t gotten my assignments yet. I guess it’s an elongated summer for me.

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