Dumbest Inspector in the Sovereign State of Texas

So every inspector licensed in the State of Texas gets an email from the chief elevator inspector, LT. Lately, this certain someone has been getting picked on by our fearless leader. Excerp from his email below.

Good Morning.  I had a shocking conversation with an inspector last week.  I say shocking because I was flabbergasted when he told me that he had been told by an elevator manufacturer that the brake couldn’t be tested on a certain type escalator and he actually believed that and for a number of years had not witnessed the required test of the brake torque on those units.  He then had the gall to suggest that maybe I should do something about it and send out an e-mail to the rest of the inspectors.  I didn’t say so at the time (we all know we can think of some very clever things to say when we think about it for a few days) but I thought to myself that he had to be the only inspector gullible enough to believe that foolishness and risk his license, certification and livelihood by not requiring the test to be performed and not citing the failure to perform the test on the inspection report.  This is the same inspector who thinks it’s ok to leave an elevator that failed the 125% brake test running and inspected an elevator several times and never noticed there was no A17.5 label for the controller.  The above lapses in inspector judgment speak for themselves.

Come on inspector X, didn’t you learn not to talk to LT about elevators and escalators after you received your public 125% brake test admonishment?

Speaking of genius, I ran across this today…

Certificate Posted

Redundancy : because you can never be too sure where the certificate of compliance is located

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