Dover Corporation and Adios for a Bit?

dover elevator tag

We’ve all seen this before. The (newer) Dover Blue-almost-painted-data tag on the bottom of the traction car sling (also where the brilliant minds of the Dover engineering department *cough*sheilaswett*cough* decided to place the SOS- but that’s another post).

Today I did an inspection on some old Dover units. What caught my eye was the words “Elevator Division.” I was somehow under the impression that all Dover made was elevators, or at least what it made mostly. I also thought that ThyssenKrupp bought Dover back in 2000. NOT TRUE. TKE bought Dover’s elevator division but there is still today a Dover Corporation going strong selling “innovative equipment, specialty systems and value-added services for the industrial products, fluid management, engineered systems and electronic technology markets.” And they still use that familiar little logo. To be fair, it’s actually just a global conglomerate made up of about 40 different companies trading under the symbol DOV on the NYSE with a market capitalization over $10 billion – a far cry from my view of a little company with a factory and test tower in Horn Lake, MS.

Here is their website: www.dovercorporation.com

Oh, and it MAY be adios for a bit. The pipeline is getting clogged up. I started a little company last month (another post, just wait) and I have 2 major-ish projects on which I am working.  I also have two final exams on the 27th of this month – Lift Component Applications and Lift Control. They start at 5:30 AM. Yes, ante meridiem. The good news is: after these two exams, I only have a case study and my dissertation and I will be done with this little graduate educational journey. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.


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  2. Jim Haines says:

    Sorry, mised your roundtable at the convention . Just stumbeled on your site this afternoon. I heard that an Otis mod. helper was killed this morning in Birmingham Al. bad when we lose one of own. Enjoying your cast. Jim

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