a day in the life of the traveling elevator inspector

Wednesday - Map of my long trip

My Wednesday (I flew the last two legs)

Start: 6:00 AM
End: 12:30 AM
Total: 18.5 hrs

About 10 years ago, when mom started her first company in Memphis, she racked up a good number of inspection customers in a handful of small towns in Missouri. Each town had two or three elevators- usually residing in courthouses, churches, and/or schools. Today, even after the acquisition of the Houston company, we still have these customers. I take a few weeks driving to cities like Cape Girardeau, Bloomfield, even the one-horse town of Centerville where a little hydraulic unit lives in an unlocked courthouse at the end of a gravel road. Me and my rental car vs. the backwoods and bugs of Missouri.

Sometimes I think we do these inspections merely to remind us of our past. I mean, the company makes much more money with me working in a big city like Houston rather than flying me up to Missouri, getting a rental car, hotel, and driving an hour between each elevator. Maybe it’s good we have ties back to the roots to remember the uncertain times when my mom quit her 9-5 at a major elevator manufacturer as lead modernization engineer to build an inspection and consulting company from the ground up. Maybe it’s the fact that my mom has simply never given up a customer of hers. Either way, sometimes it makes for a long day (as you can see in the first pic). Now back to Houston for at least a few weeks.. there’s a lake in Conroe with my name on it this weekend!

Otis elevator man runs out of gas on the highway

I wasn't the only one having a long day...

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