Concrete Elevator Jungle – The NYC DoB Private Elevator Inspector Exam

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been swamped. I studied for and took two back-to-back engineering finals with a start time of 5:00AM (Control Systems and Lift Component Applications), bought a new company car from a dealership 600 miles away and had to retrieve it (we got a Prius, woot), and started prepping for my NYC inspector’s exam. All the while having a never-ending sinus infection and a PACKED Houston inspection schedule.

So. I am currently licensed in 5 different AHJs; City of Houston, State of Texas, Alabama, Illinois, and Missouri. These licenses are fairly easy to obtain and maintain requiring just an annual day-long meeting with each AHJ (and of course some fees) – I have my national QEI license with NAESA International. However, NYC plays by its own rules and requires QEI-type certification through NYC’s Department of Buildings. So on November 8th, I will be taking my NYC DoB private elevator inspector’s exam. The whole process of getting your license takes a year or so and I am a little less than halfway done. The application process took a while and the background check after the exam will also take a few months.

Needless to say, I’m excited. NYC is that one puddle of sewage in which I would so happily drown. I absolutely love the city and cannot wait until I will be financially able to move into an (non-cardboard box) apartment in Manhattan. The inspector’s exam is a huge step because it gives me job opportunity in the city. From the looks of the website, the NYC DoB is a great AHJ to work with. My favorite: they have a “Top Ten Elevator Offenders” list which maybe sounds like a list of most-occurring violations. No. This fairly-updated list shows the ADDRESSES and OWNER’S NAMES of the buildings in its jurisdiction with the most violations, complaints, fees, and recorded uncooperative actions. That’s awesome.

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  2. james Thompson says:

    Good luck on the inspectors test. I am here in CA no work in the local , state & fed buildings are barely running 1 out of 4 cars.

    1. ronald hopstock says:

      there is no work down there? there is a ton of work down here. if you knoiw what you are doing you can get a job in 10 min. I have 30 years in now. some of the guys i run in to down here know nothing they cant get passed an open door lock. if you ask me they should not be in the m/r. how is down there?

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