Inspection Company-Employeed Testing Mechanics “Conflict of Interest”

I’m sitting here at a conference listening to a chain inspection company inspector’s op-ed on the state of the inspection industry. Highlights include TEXAS INSPECTORS BAD and MAINTENANCE CONTROL PROGRAM BAD. And then we have INSPECTION COMPANY EMPLOYING TESTING MECHANIC BAD. Cue “conflict of interest” claims. So let’s take a look at conflict of interest… Continue reading »


The Role of Data in the Elevator Industry

One of my hobbies is dreaming up creative and easy ways to collect and use data in the vertical transportation industry. I know, I need more hobbies. However, this fascination has given birth to a few tangible database solutions that I, with the help of my ever-present mentor, boss, and mother, Sheila Swett, have coded.… Continue reading »


World Trade Center 1 Escalator Being Hoisted to 101st Floor

Just a neat pic taked from One World Trade Center of an escalator being hoisted up for installation on the 101st floor. WTC 4 is seen in the background.


On the Subject of Gibs.

Door gibs, specifically hoistway door gibs, have gotten a lot of attention over the last couple of years. With the prevalence of motorized scooters, the point of impact in a hoistway door strike in more and more cases has dropped to the bottom of the door, putting more force on the gibs vs. the hanger… Continue reading »


Elevator Gore: A Sad Day for this Car Door (and Door Operator)

Elevator Company Blames: Physics, vandal trash bins Real Cause: A disastrous cocktail of missing car door gibs and a homemade door restrictor (installed previously by the current elevator “maintenance” company). We were called out to survey some damage done by, what the elevator contractor described as, vandalism by trash. According to the account, the building… Continue reading »


projectQEI – inspect. submit. done.

projectQEI is an iPad app for elevator inspectors that practically eliminates paper usage. It collects data and signatures (signed on the screen with a finger), generates and distributes reports via email, and electronically submits the inspection to the Authority Having Jurisdiction – all before the inspector leaves the site. This alerts maintenance companies of deficiencies… Continue reading »


Marketing with the Elevator and Its Fans

An elevatorblog.com reader sent me a video today. While this reader works for a marketing company and probably (definitely) had other motive, I thought the video was cute. It’s an ad for Hampton Hotels and features TJ Elevator Fan and his love for riding and filming elevators. There are a few other guys out there… Continue reading »


Commercial Arrangements in “Weird” Elevator Installations

I rarely post about grad school work. Mostly because if I’m doing it, I don’t have a lot of time for anything else. But I’m here taking a break from a paper I’m writing on the commercial and contractual arrangements of an elevator installation. Boring, eh? But there’s a twist. This particular elevator is one… Continue reading »


UNITED 2012 – Atlantic City

The elevator people of the world are in Atlantic City this week for the mega convention of the year – UNITED 2012. Made up of the four big North American professional organizations (NAEC, IAEC, NAESAI, and CECA), this is the place to be. AND it’s in Atlantic City, which is just plain fun. I’ve already… Continue reading »


Escalator Safety v. Darwinism

There’s only so much an inspector can do.

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