Daniel Swett

My name is Daniel. I am currently a grad student enrolled at the University of Northampton studying lift engineering. I am also an elevator consultant and inspector licensed in the City of Houston and the State of Texas, Alabama, and Missouri. In 2011, I started a small software company (www.liftstreet.com) specializing in cloud-powered mobile database solutions for the elevator industry.

My work introduces me to all kinds of places and people . This blog showcases my experiences in the glorious industry that is building transportation.


  1. John Kruthoffer says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I came across your blog and was hoping to speak with you about your knowledge of the Elevator industry.

    I work for a company called http://www.2nusa.com and we develop Elevator communicators (among other things). I was hoping we could have a chat as I feel you would be a great source of knowledge for our company.

    Would it be possible to arrange a phone call with you? I am based out of Miami and my phone number is 786 899 3732.

    I hope to hear from you,

    Kind regards,


  2. Marshall Bocell says:


    I came across your blog and I am interested in having you refer jobs to us. We seal water leaks in elevator pits. We use our own environmentally friendly hydrophilic acrylic resin that will stop even the toughest leaks. We have sealed many pits all over Texas and would like more business. We can typically seal a pit in less than a day. We offer a 5 year guarantee on any pit that we seal and we have never seen a pit that would could not seal.

    Please contact me if you are interested.

    Thank You,

    Marshall Bocell
    CGI Texas, Inc.

  3. BT says:

    Would like to talk to you about a load test failure that is costing our company thousands of dollars.

  4. Deon says:

    What is a Landing Header Return.
    I was instructed to “close the end sides of the landing header returns”

  5. Craig says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Great blog, I love the inside look you give to the elevator inspection/service industry! Where I live, in New Zealand, the elevator service technicians shoot you nasty glances when you try to ask questions, ore even just try and watch what they do. They also make their offices very suspiciously hidden. It’s almost as if they don’t want anybody to see what they do..

    I was wondering if you had any information on the Otis Autotronic elevator. I saw your post about the Autotronics that failed the overload test, and that was a very interesting article indeed – I wonder if you have any more information though, or sources – info on the Autotronics is rather hard to come by. We have one Autotronic (It might be an Autotronic, but I am not quite sure) in the city that I live, and we also have a building with 6 Pre-Autotronic Otis elevators with automatic inner doors, but manual outer doors. (Upgraded to auto doors on the outside in the ’60’s by Otis) Do you have any info on those (Pre-Autotronic) types of elevator as well? The Pre-Autotronics were installed in 1935-7, and the Autotronics were installed in their building in 1958. Sorry for the long reply.

    Craig 🙂

  6. Marwan Haddad says:

    Dear Daniel
    Hope you are fine.
    I came across your blog while searching for information for my assignment on the web.
    I’m also a student at the Northampton university, doing the MSc lift engineering program.
    Now I have to submit the assignment for the first module and It’s about the Peace tower.
    I was wondering if I can contact you to discuss more about it.
    I live in Lebanon, in the Middle east, and because all projects here are small, everything is standardize and the job of a lift engineer is very limited. So you can say I’m the only person in the country who’s registered in the program.
    But the country is witnessing a progress with a large inflow of investments in the future, which means my studies will not go in vain.
    I’m also new in the field, so I don’t have much experience and I’m finding the masters a bit difficult.
    Can we exchange email, or contacts so that we can help each other in the masters.
    Hope you can reply to my message, I was very excited that I have finally found a follow master student to share with my questions and ideas.
    Thank you
    Marwan Haddad

    1. daniel says:

      I’ll send you an email

  7. Alicia Collins says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Our church is trying to fix our elevator but it is proving to be challenging. It is a ThyssenKrupp Flexi-Lift Lu/La installed in November 2008. ThyssenKrupp has closed its American offices, and no elevator maintenance folks out here seem to have the expertise to figure out the problem. Do you know if there is an online resource for elevator maintenance folks where they can share the problems they are experiencing and get feedback and suggestions from others online?


    1. daniel says:

      Working with a LULA is, quite possibly, the largest headache for any consultant, inspector, or elevator company. They are just not meant to be used. Their purpose? Satisfying ADA reqs. I’ll shoot you an email.

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