Building Owner Meets Elevator Consultant

Inspired by various conversations…


NAEC Convention and Expo

Elevator trade shows have always been a part of my post-high school life. Besides making my feet hurt, these shows serve many purposes; from providing a face-to-face opportunity to threaten bodily harm upon that comm vendor that hasn’t delivered to your consulting client, to drinking and eating an obscene amount of free beer and ice… Continue reading »


Dover Corporation and Adios for a Bit?

We’ve all seen this before. The (newer) Dover Blue-almost-painted-data tag on the bottom of the traction car sling (also where the brilliant minds of the Dover engineering department *cough*sheilaswett*cough* decided to place the SOS- but that’s another post). Today I did an inspection on some old Dover units. What caught my eye was the words… Continue reading »


Vacuum Elevator Gets a Big Ole Texas Variance

Ever wanted to ride in one of those suction transfer tubes at the bank? Me either. But then they made it bigger and received Texas Lord of Elevators (LT) blessing. Now I’m all for it. It’s pretty interesting how these new tech variances work. Under NTV-11-01, the latest TDLR New Technology Variance, the pneumatic elevator… Continue reading »