Elevator Code

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. For the last week I’ve been in Alabama at a hotel that doesn’t have wifi. Yes, they do still exist. Anyway, as an inspector sometimes you have to write up code violations that kind of make you look stupid when explaining them to the building owner. Here’s one… Continue reading »


Solder Slingin’ Elevator Motor

On an earlier blog post, I hinted at an update about an elevator spewing molten metal. This is it. This unit belongs in the same elevator group as the one pictured in the “More Elevator Ropes” post. This guy has been out of service for a while and the mechanic said something about the motor… Continue reading »


“No one should drown in an elevator”

“Water is seeping into the garage. All employees who parked on the lower levels should move their cars to avoid flooding,” announced the security guard over the intercom. This is one of the last things 42 year-old Kristie Tautenhahn would hear before she died. As Tropical Storm Allison’s rains poured into downtown Houston, Tautenhahn descended… Continue reading »


More Elevator Ropes

Ran across the ropes of an atrium car that were in less-than-ideal condition. These ropes were retired not because they were in visually bad condition, but because they met the criteria for rope retirement due to being undersized. As discussed in the previous post, the criteria for being labeled “undersized” was more strict due to… Continue reading »


Elevator Rope Gauge Review Extravaganza

Sure. I’ll give you that “elevator rope gauge review” doesn’t sound like a fun blog entry. Even the word “extravaganza” isn’t going to make this the most exciting post. I’ve sat through half a dozen seminars on wire ropes put on by wire rope manufacturers and, well, I’d rather sit through another┬áregenerative┬ádrive presentation. At least… Continue reading »


My Brother, the English Major

I don’t write much about my brother Thomas on this blog. He’s not really involved in the family business, choosing instead to take his $120k B.A. in English to the field of law. He writes well. He reads well. That’s about it. Yes, he can learn to do a task and may end up doing… Continue reading »