An Elevator Incident Near Houston

So I’m reading up on my elevator/escalator news yesterday at The Elevator Post and come across a headline that makes my heart skip a couple beats. I don’t even read the entire story. Instinctively, I log into our online elevator inspection database. The site is down for maintenance. Frustrated, I go to the website of the Texas Department… Continue reading »


a day in the life of the traveling elevator inspector

Wednesday Start: 6:00 AM End: 12:30 AM Total: 18.5 hrs ——– About 10 years ago, when mom started her first company in Memphis, she racked up a good number of inspection customers in a handful of small towns in Missouri. Each town had two or three elevators- usually residing in courthouses, churches, and/or schools. Today,… Continue reading »


That Pole Came Out of Nowhere!

Our mechanic (420) has a white 2010 company Toyota Yaris hatchback that he drives from home to work. When we go out as a mechanic/inspector team, he drives and I ride. It’s morning and we are at our first job-site driving around trying to find access to some elevator. It’s in some kind of outside building surrounded… Continue reading »


Sad viking is sad he didn’t inspect your elevator this year

As an employee of a family company, one gets to juggle many roles. Today, I was the marketing department. My assignment: create a mail-out that could be sent to inspection customers who had moved on to a different inspection company. I thought long and hard about this. I dug up memories of my marketing classes… Continue reading »