Oil Spill

A typical annual hydraulic elevator inspection turned cluster: My mechanic, we’ll call him 420, pops the pressure gauge on the valve’s quick connect (shown above) to read the bypass pressure. The car is put on the stop ring and the relief pressure is recorded. I am standing over the fitting happily writing machine/location info onto… Continue reading »


Dumbest Inspector in the Sovereign State of Texas

So every inspector licensed in the State of Texas gets an email from the chief elevator inspector, LT. Lately, this certain someone has been getting picked on by our fearless leader. Excerp from his email below. Good Morning.  I had a shocking conversation with an inspector last week.  I say shocking because I was flabbergasted… Continue reading »


Worst Valve Ever.

I run into the Hydro Moris valve every now and then when I do inspections. The big red block mounted on the perforated metal shelf (which actually saved my pen from going into the drink one time), the massive yellow instructional sticker underneath the tank lid, and the obnoxiously large manual lowering plunger are bright… Continue reading »


EcoMods, Consultants, Cash-sinos

Last weekend I got back from an escalator seminar in Vegas. Whenever I say I just got back from an elevator seminar, conference, or get-together, my non-elevator amigos laugh. I guess people think this industry just happens, or maybe they think we are lifeless engineers who crave isolation and nights lit by the glow of… Continue reading »